"Smelly Calore" Debut EP from Styles Bentley

Cover of “Smelly Calore”
EXPERIMENTAL LOVE POP. Can you dig?! ‘Smelly Calore’, which is directly translated from the french language, means ‘Love Stinks’. These love songs are not molded to the good old grease lightning love lullaby’s of yesterday, but of more interesting situations like; that girl who is in all of your dreams, peepin fine hunny’s at the club, and even the love of a child and parent. The EP is compiled of old tracks, new lyrics, old lyrics and new tracks pieced together in simplicity for your enjoyment. Shows are soon to come, as well as a full length album summer 2011 Presented by Styles Bentley called “Charming Friends”!! But for now kiddos, enjoy the “Smelly Calore”!!

Free Download and Streaming at:www.reverbnation.com/stylesbentley


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