SSG, I Want Battles Tickets!!!!

Damn the luck of a man with an empty wallet! Upon this glorious day here in the Emerald City, my pocket book became filled again with treats of collections! I enthusiastically awoke at 11:30 am after a brief nightmare and small sips of Cranberry Apple juice. After checking the email, the facebook, and all the b.s. I strolled over to the Crocodile’s website to buy tickets to a highly anticipated show (at least in my life) and came to the appropriate page. Two words, CAPS locked, Bold read; “SOLD OUT”!!! I felt similar to the kids in Detroit Rock City and this website totally jacked my KISS tickets. This is no kiss show tho my friends, this is Battles! A band that has taken experimentation of live and electronic instruments to a solid groove canyoning into my dancing shoes. Rustic and alternative, I must be there to observe! It is now up to the hands of few. The people at SSG (, the people who have brought us the best and most current local, national, and international band reviews articles and opinions. Why, a chap like me might even beg them for a job eventually, but for now I just need the TICKETS!! My fingers are quivering and typing with agile speed to perhaps persuade the mind of control to choose my life and enlighten my soul before another being could be of higher persuasion! And now, only time shall tell….
Update: I WON THE MOTHA FUCKIN TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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