Allen Stone Makes Dreams Come True

A furiously crowded Nuemos rambled with anticipation. Allen Stone, a singer song writer, from the oh so rural Chewelah, Wa is achieving the American dream. Not to be confused with the other American dream that was sought out by millions immigrating to the new western land, but the small droplet of hope and passion that some people actually still have! The people who are not subsiding to society, who are following a talent, a skill, a passion just as so many artists have before. But this ain’t no game like our daddies played, this shit here is new, it’s different, and Allonious Funk (as I like to call him) is playin, and damn boi, he’s good! Like so many country boys with a dream, Allen packed up his handkerchief and walking stick traveling outward to the biggest and closet city, Spokane. No, no no, only an idiot would do that, he moved to Seattle! From than he played cafes, house parties, and any gig a man could get. The struggle of every local musician, except Allen’s raw talent slowly started making a local impact. In the last 2 years he has progressed from playing the Q Café, to selling out the High Dive, than the Tractor, and to what belief, a boy may believe his dreams to come true when he sold out the historic Crocodile! But now, after continuously touring the states, hot off of playing multiple SXSW showcases, Allen Stone is on the headlining bill at Nuemos. Excitement is happening, hard work is paying off, I am getting completely drunk and having a great time! Then the house lights drop.

A sound begins to grow from the speakers, though through the darkness, there was light. A glowing halo of wavy blonde locks flows to center stage. The crowd chants in rhythm with the band, “Allen Stone, Allen Stone, Allen Stone”! He had the people, wild, at “hello”!  He began to sing, what I and most Seattleites are cursing about this time of the year, “I can’t stand the rain”. Smooth, sexual, fucking groovy baby. The band was in instant synchronicity, Allen’s voice, smooth and gritty, cheerful and soulful, warm, the party rages! Strung together by Allonious himself a band of local players was highlighted by Sharief Hobley on lead guitar, a musician from NYC who’s played with big soul sound hitters like John Legend. To Al’s left, BGP front man Brandon Ghorley kept the keys and harmonies kickin, along with Andrew Vait from Eternal Fair tootin on that saxophone, and superior booms and blaps thumped by Tyler Carrol, a UW student with fucking skills. On the sticks, Nick Molenda was steady, smooth, and striking side by side with Greg Ehrlich on the organ pushin in the funk with a goal to unload the soul. “3 TIMES”… BAM BAM BAM, Allen shouts and the band delivers. Right on righteous brother of bravery! All the while, mayhem is happening, an overjoyed lad in the crowd simultaneously was dancing vigorously with four ladies of lush and singing lyric for lyric every cut. Slowly he pushed the females off one by one, to put his full energy into the music, and perhaps save the ladies for later. Needless to say Allen Stone on stage is a tractor beam of attention! His flailing hands and grandpa thick spectacles leaves most newcomers in awkward belief that the voice they are hearing is… that guy?! Note by note, he guides you with a sound and tone of a soulful brotha with lyrical content that is deep, emotional, and even at times political. Somewhere in the middle of the set, it seemed that an elf princess hovered to center stage as Allonious Funk took a seat at the keys. This was no elf, but perhaps a princess as her voice was perfection for the song “Reality” arranged tonight as a duet. Her name is Alessandra Rose.  Her and Allen’s voices were a blessing to experience together and needs to be laid down on some wax stat. The moment of mellow was quickly changed up to a power house ending with cuts like “Vibe With You”, “Push, Pull, Tear”, and “Not Another Break Up Song”. We danced and drank, cheered with joys, and even sang Happy Birthday to one of Allen’s high school teachers who was in attendance! A thanks is given, but the crowd pounded for more, when moments later Allen returned to stage with his guitar. The crowded and inebriated Nuemos populous went silent as “Last to Speak” resonated the rafters with righteous glory. A dream that we all were watching unfold before our eyes was making the dreams that we have seem possible in an impossible world of hurdles and bounds. Allen Stone has landed on the other side and is lighting the way for all believers to follow in sound and soul. Go into the light, and find Allen Stone.

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