Pumping Out Soul Like God

Arriving late with my lady we peered past the smoking section, through the show flyer filled window of the Crocodile Café, to catch a glimpse of what we hopefully haven’t missed. Allen Stone is back again; tonight he’s sold out the house preshow, and is playing a double set from acoustic lover, to soul party! The players that surround him all seemed to be new, pieced together to travel in Allen’s Econoline the last few weeks opening up for Nikka Costa on a West Coast tour! “This band is playing tight, like champions,” Allen explained to me, “they bring the noise”! Now they’re back in the good ole NW, just off playing Bellingham, and ready to blow the lid off the needle! The crowd was still filling in during Allen’s opening acoustic set, designed to please the soft hearted soul and folk fans that scatter the emerald city, and have taken a liking to Allen’s indie pop soul folk sounds. I like to call it Erotic Folk, but that’s just me! He slipped away off stage as I entered through the door, only hearing the amazing reviews from countless friends who beat me through. “I had the chills… the entire time!” One girl confessed to me after over hearing my questions about the soft set! “That’s what I came to see!” she finished.
Ladies and Gentlemen…. Allen Stone!

We all know that Allen has a worldly recognizable voice. It’s fucking pure beauty of baby roses blooming out of the sun rise! His voice layered with just a six string, and you’re bound to experience something beyond. But, people that know me well, and don’t know me at all, know that I like to party! And I, personally, was waiting to get a dose of some funk and soul to my FACE! Donning a throwback Sonics v-neck, Allen cut up the oriental rug on stage like he was getting lessons from Sharron Jones and James Brown! The band filled the room with an explosive attack! Allen whaled! Julian stole my beer and drank it, we took airplane shots from a girl’s purse, and we danced! On stage, Allen knew he was the Flux Capacitor of party, flailing new variations of the ‘Silly Boy’ (official dance of the Chapustry) that other’s never believed possible.  The entire crowd began to shake it harder and harder!

Everyone was dancing, there was no room to break out any special moves and I needed, desperately, to Break Out!! I reached toward the stage hand in hand with all the fans, we channeled our energy to him, to Allonious Funk himself!! Our energy slowly began filling his soul making him grow into the size of an Avatar like creature. Allen’s face started transforming into a grimy, dirty, greasy, and nasty soul sex spectacular! His notes and words began to extract from beyond into a mystical aurora borealis above! Everything was connected. This connection, this miracle was happening! Sound waves swirled and unraveled themselves through the rafters creating lines you could grab onto! People began to climb up them, into the rafters, entranced by glory, to dance on the ceiling.  

Movement was made without friction, dancing was effortless, emotion was beyond control, the universal meditation has begun with music as its fuel. Allen burned it like a 67’ Camero! He was pumping out soul like God. He was untouchable. And the night never stopped. I slipped out of the realm to write this before it ultimately traveled to a distant dimension where such funky soul actually makes sense. Somewhere beyond our universe, Allen and that crowd are still there, still singing, still dancing, on all the walls and ceilings, swinging on the sound waves like jungle vines, sipping the sweet nectars of another’s mind, in a timeless glide across a rippleless pond… Hopefully, he can make it back to this dimension for his show in Cour de Lane, ID tonight, or that sold out crowd will be pisssssssssed!

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Allen Stone Makes Dreams Come True